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I am a big fan and loved being here at myPotential Rehabilitation at The Village at Rockville. I was very, very pleased with everything. The people were the very best – caring, friendly, warm and professional. So far, I have written nine moments of delights and have a few more to go. I love the rooms, the food and mostly the staff. I would recommend myPotential Rehabilitation and The Village at Rockville to anyone I meet. I have four artificial joints and have been in different rehabs – so I know! I truly appreciate all of you and all my care.Joanne G., myPotential Rehabilitation Guest
My wife was admitted to The Village at Rockville as a short-term rehabilitation guest after being hospitalized with bacterial meningitis. After 44 days of myPotential Rehabilitation, she was discharged. By that time, she was able to walk using a walker, eat and speak, was independent and mentally alert. Almost a miracle for an 80-year old! Post-discharge, she walks without the need for any support and enjoys a good quality of life. None of this would have been possible without the outstanding care and assistance she received from myPotential Rehabilitation staff. Our experience reflects the professionalism and experience of the staff.Phillip, Husband of myPotential Rehabilitation Guest
Recovery from my knee replacement surgery at myPotential Rehabilitation has been a wonderful experience. Staff was always ready to go the extra mile. The smiles and warm greetings made for a very pleasant atmosphere. Care was given tenderly and with encouragement, just like an enthusiastic family.Mildred., myPotential Rehabilitation Guest