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“I have congestive heart failure. How can you help with my discomfort?”

At The Village at Rockville, Md., myPotential Rehabilitation takes special care to keep you comfortable.

“Will I be in pain?”

That’s the number one question we get. Some amount of discomfort is typical after surgery, injury or illnesses such as congestive heart failure. Sometimes it happens as you participate in physical or occupational therapy. At the myPotential Rehabilitation center in Rockville, Md., one of our top goals is to help you manage that pain.

That’s why your myPotential Rehabilitation team includes a Clinical Nurse Specialist, who not only works closely with your physician to manage pain, but monitors and cares for post-surgical incisions and wounds.

Discomfort is counterproductive to healing and rehabilitation. We’re proactive about keeping you comfortable.

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