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“How can myPotential Rehabilitation help me better understand my recovery challenges?”

Resources from myPotential Rehabilitation at The Village at Rockville, Md.

Facing partial hip replacement? Recovering from a stroke? Find information here for resources and some of our frequently asked questions. Or call 866-633-5785 and speak with a myPotential Rehabilitation specialist in Rockville, Md.


What’s the best way to select a sub-acute rehab? 

If you are in the hospital your case manager will give you a list of possibilities. Contact the admissions department at the community and have your loved ones go for a tour.

What should I ask or look for once on the tour?

1. Use all your senses.

2. Ask what the ratio of nurses and geriatric nurses are to a patient. At myPotential, our ratio is one nurse to 11 guests and one nursing assistant to 8-9 guests. 

3. Ask how often you/loved one will receive rehabilitation. 

Who will pay for my rehabilitation stay?

If Medicare is your primary it will pay for the first 20 days at 100%. For days 21-100, 80% will be paid by Medicare and 20% will be out-of-pocket or paid by a secondary insurance. The days are contingent upon whether a person continues to require rehabilitation on a skilled need or activity. 

If you have private insurance, pre-authorization will be given prior to your admission. The covered amount will be determined by your policy. 

Which insurances and managed care programs does myPotential at The Village at Rockville participate in?

We participate in Medicare, Cigna, United Health Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Do I have to be a resident at The Village at Rockville to take advantage of myPotential?

No, any adult can be a myPotential guest without being a resident at The Village at Rockville.