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“I have my own goals. How can myPotential Rehabilitation help me reach them?”

Rehabilitation means far more
than therapeutic services at The Village at Rockville, Md.

How will myPotential Rehabilitation help you realize your goals? Below you’ll find a step-by-step account of the difference we offer in a rehabilitation experience. It goes beyond therapeutic care, serving every aspect of your daily life. And it’s unique to The Village at Rockville in Md.

Is surgery in your future? If so, ask your hospital discharge planner to contact myPotential Rehabilitation at 301-354-4600.

Questions: Do you need answers about specific rehabilitation issues or want details on myPotential Rehabilitation? Contact us

Before Your Stay
We begin planning with you before your stay—at home or in the hospital. We listen to your goals and learn about your personal likes and dislikes to help plan the best possible rehab experience.

Your Private Room
Your private room is ready when you are. We’ve worked with the discharge planner and made all the arrangements, so your transition here is seamless, smooth and easy. We’ve also planned your day around your schedule—when you like to get up, dine, go to bed and more.

Planning Meeting

Together with you and your family, your myPotential Rehabilitation Coach and team assess your needs and refine your care plan. Physicians, nurses, therapists, a social worker, nutritionist and other health professionals all focus 100% on your priorities and your

Gathering Room
It’s not your typical clinical rehab setting. In the Gathering Room you can relax by the fireplace with other guests. Everything here is designed for your comfort and contentment.

Therapy Gym
Our brand-new therapy gym is state-of-the-art. What’s more, we conduct therapy seven days a week, so you can make progress at your own pace—as gently or actively as you wish.

Mock-kitchen and Bathroom
You want to get back to your daily life, including cooking, driving and simply being independent again. myPotential Rehabilitation has a
mock-kitchen and bathroom to help you rebuild the skills you need most.

myPotential Rehabilitation Coach
How are you doing? Your myPotential Rehabilitation Coach and team carefully measure your progress against your plan. As we see a need for additional help, it’s right at hand, from the entire rehab team at The Village at Rockville.

Calendar of Activities

When you’re not pursuing your rehabilitation goals, you’re
following your interests. You’ll find a lively calendar of activities, performances, guest speakers and special events for your pleasure.

Pre-Departure Home Visit

You’re ready to move forward. We make sure you’re prepared, even conducting a pre-departure home visit, if needed, to make sure
everything is set for your successful return. Then, once you’re back in your own home, we’ll continue to follow up: myPotential Rehabilitation doesn’t end when your stay with us does!

For more information call 301-354-4600 or click here to
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